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Beverly International ZMA 2000 - 90 Capsules

Beverly International ZMA 2000 - 90 Capsules
Beverly International ZMA 2000 - 90 Capsules
Brand: Beverly International
Quantity: 90 Capsules
Product Code: BEVZMA2000
Availability: In Stock
Retail Price: $24.95
Our Price: $15.38

Clinically Dosed Nighttime Recovery Formula

ZMA 2000 is used to support maximum nighttime recovery from training.* Anecdotally, Beverly International customers report that ZMA 2000 improves sleep quality.*

Distinguishing features include:

  • Clinical dose of ZMA: ZMA is a mixture of zinc monomethionine and aspartate, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6.
  • Zinc monomethionine is protected by two US patents (#4,764,633 and #5,278,329).
  • ZMA 2000 may be particularly useful during periods of heavy training or when consuming a sub-maintenance level of calories (i.e. dieting).*

Use: Men take 3 capsules (women, 2 capsules) before bed on an empty stomach. For maximum results, combine with Quadracarn.

ZMA is a registered trademark of SNAC Systems, Inc., patent pending. ZMA 2000 may be taken at the same time with these other Beverly formulas: Glutamine Select plus BCAAs, Quadracarn, Density, Creatine Select, Lean Out, and GH Factor.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Read what others are saying about ZMA 2000...

"Sleep Deeply, Feel Energized, Train Hard and Increase Lean Mass...all with Bev ZMA! For such a simple mineral supplement, Beverly's ZMA packs a multipurpose punch. My busy schedule usually forces me to train late into the evening. This typically leads to many restless nights and poor quality sleep. I need every hour of sleep to count in order to recharge and recover for the next busy day. ZMA has enabled me to sleep very deeply and feel energized for each morning. Not only has ZMA aided in my quality of sleep, I have always noticed an increase in lean mass and strength even when on a pre-contest diet. I truly believe that the use of ZMA is what has enabled me to consistently train hard, and stay healthy during extremely busy and stressful times of the year."
- Jon A
Ft Thomas, KY

Ironclad Guarantee: Maximizing recovery, healing, tissue repair, anabolic hormone production and muscle growth, they are all part of the "recover as you sleep" gospel of ZMA. Isn't it time you experience a sleep conversion? Order ZMA 2000 today - it's guaranteed to help you make the most of your sleep time.

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Quantity 90 Capsules

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