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Beverly International Muscle Synergy Powder - 14.2 oz

Beverly International Muscle Synergy Powder - 14.2 oz
Beverly International Muscle Synergy Powder - 14.2 oz
Brand: Beverly International
Weight: 14.2 oz
Product Code: BEVMUSCSYN-P
Availability: In Stock
Retail Price: $55.00
Our Price: $38.60

Muscle Pump, Size & Strength Intensifying Drink Mix w/ HMB

NEW Muscle Synergy "Powdered Drink Mix" Formula

Muscle Synergy is a powdered drink mix used by natural physique athletes who are striving to achieve more dramatic muscle pumps and maximize exercise-induced gains in muscle size and strength. Clinical research shows that key ingredients in this synergistic formula also offer protection against muscle size and strength losses associated with aging.*

Distinguishing features:

  • ** Clinical doses of HMB and creatine, a combination shown to enhance lean (muscle) size and strength in clinical research (1).*
  • ** Over 8500 mg total of arginine + citrulline to support healthy nitric oxide (NO) levels, vasodilation and blood flow.*

For maximum results:

  • ** Take 1 scoop upon arising and 1 or more scoops before workouts.
  • ** Athletes weighing more than 200 lb should take a total of 3 full scoops (1.5 servings) daily.
  • ** Combine with Up-Lift and Quadracarn

Nutritional uses of HMB are licensed to Beverly International Nutrition under US Patents #5,348,979 and #6,103,764.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Four Factors. Acting in Synergy

Damage control, loss prevention, work capacity and pump. These four factors and the synergistic interactions between them are what BI's product development scientists set out to help users of all ages and training backgrounds maximize with a single supplement technology. Accomplishing this required a unique combination of ingredients never before assembled for this explicit purpose.

To help it stay ahead of trend, BI is constantly in touch with scientists at university research centers around the world -Spain, New Zealand, England, Japan, Italy, Israel, Canada, China, United States, Australia and more. The fascinating insights these scientists have revealed, coupled with the stream of testimonials from happy BI customers, confirms that Muscle Synergy is one of the most well thought-out supplement technologies available.

Read what others are saying about Muscle Synergy...

Unbelievable Hardness And Definition In First 6 Days

First off let me start by saying muscle synergy is AMAZING. I wish you would have suggested it sooner. I have been using it 6 days, and the results in less than a week are unbelievable. I am seeing such a difference with the addition of this product. I was so worried I was going to get "big and bulky" - not the case. It has made me so hard and defined. It's putting muscle on me and that's what's helping to burn more fat and get so hard. I love it!
- Jennifer O
Boca Raton, FL

I'm Finally Gaining Weight - 8 Lb And Still Climbing!

I am a single 24 year old male and work 2 jobs, both in shipping. So between work and having to cook my own meals, I struggle to eat right because of lack of time to prepare the food. I'm 6ft tall and weigh 181 pounds or less, and never have been able to get my weight above 181. In the past 2 years I have tried other products to put on Mass, without any success. I began using Beverly's Muscle Synergy, UMP and Creatine Select 3 weeks ago and have seen an increase in mass of 8 pounds. I am now up to 189 and still gaining. The personal attention I received from Beverly helped me select the products needed to help me make these gains. By critiquing my diet and using the Beverly products, I have no doubt my gains will be even greater.
- Danny W
Cincinnati, OH

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Weight 14.2 oz

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