Top 5 Beverly International Products for Bulking

January 11, 2014 / by rockwholesale

Bulk the Smart Way with Help from Beverly International!

It’s bulking season once again and you want the best results of your diet change. On top of increasing calories with healthy fats and complex carbohydrates you’ll need to make sure your body is still getting all the nutrients it needs to function to its fullest.

Here are 5 must have Beverly International products to make sure to include in your everyday bulking routine

Multivitamin: Though you should always take a multivitamin it is especially important while bulking since you will be eating similar foods everyday and less fresh foods. Taking a good multivitamin like Beverly International FitTabs is essential.

Glutamine: You’re going to be putting your body through extra strength training so your muscles will need all the amino acids it can get. Amino acids derive from glutamine to repair your muscle tissue so you will look your best and recover fast. Adding Beverly International Glutamine Select can solve that deficiency.

EFA’s: Essential fatty acids are extra important during bulking because your body is receiving less fat soluble vitamins from your diet and EFA’s help increase the absorption and utilization of the fat soluble vitamins so your body will function to its highest ability. You can prevent malfunction by taking a product like Beverly International EFA Gold.

Creatine: With all the extra strength training your muscles will need the extra energy and size boost that Creatine generates. Your body naturally produces creatine but not enough to sustain intense exercise routines so adding creatine such as Beverly International Creatine Select is much needed.

Extra Protein: When 1-2 grams of protein per pound is needed you’ll need an extra protein increase that benefits lean muscle growth without a lot of fat. Beverly International Provosyn is made of whole eggs and beef protein to provide you all the good protein you’ll need to bulk up.

Beverly International

Bulk up the smart way!

Stay healthy and fit the smart way with the help of Beverly International!

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