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Beverly International Super Pak - 30 Packets

Beverly International Super Pak - 30 Packets
Beverly International Super Pak - 30 Packets
Brand: Beverly International
Quantity: 30 Packets
Product Code: BEVSUPAK
Availability: In Stock
Retail Price: $42.50
Our Price: $26.72

Advanced Quality-Tested Micronutrient System for Peak Performance w/ Sustained-Release Delivery Technology

What Sets It Apart:

  • Custom Formula: SP is not an "off-the-shelf" formula. It is made only for BI, precisely according to specification.
  • Category Leader: Rated #1 by Planet Muscle magazine
  • Pre-Sorted Packets: For maximum ease of use, each packet contains a pre-sorted selection of tablets containing all required vitamins, minerals and co-factors.
  • 6-Hour Action: Ingredients are supplied in the form of compressed tablets that have been engineered to disintegrate inside the digestive tract in a sustained fashion for up to 6 hours in order to maximize nutrient utilization.
  • 100% Guaranteed Potency: Each ingredient is individually procured prior to forming the tablets. This, combined with expert attention to granulation and coating, and the use of overages, helps ensure that you get 100% of what is stated on the label.
  • Contains SuperFoods: Alfalfa, kelp and more
  • Contains chelated minerals for greater bioavailability
  • Contains 5 different digestive enzymes
  • The SP tablet and packaging facilities are certified free of banned substances.
  • 30 sealed packets, 30 servings

Beverly International Super Pak is Perfect For:

  • Hard-training athletes: Reduce your risk of nutrient depletion.
  • Weight/fat loss diets: Same, Reduce your risk of nutrient depletion.
  • Busy lifestyles: Pre-sorted packets can be taken anywhere, anytime.

Results: Increase in energy, overall health and well-being

How to Use: Take one packet daily, with a meal.  Having food in your gut will enhance nutrient absorption and help prevent stomach discomfort. Take SP in the morning with your first meal to provide all-day support of nutrient and energy levels.

Supplement Details
Quantity 30 Packets

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