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Beverly International Mass Amino Acids - 500 Tablets

Beverly International Mass Amino Acids - 500 Tablets
Beverly International Mass Amino Acids - 500 Tablets
Brand: Beverly International
Quantity: 500 Tablets
Product Code: BEVMAA
Availability: In Stock
Retail Price: $49.95
Our Price: $35.33

Advanced Amino Acid Nitrogen Technology w/ Peptide-Bonded Amino Acids (PBAAs)

Would you consider it a success if you gained 8 pounds of lean mass in only 16 weeks?

  • How about if your body fat decreased over the same period of time?
  • What if you experienced these major changes to your physique by making one very minor change -specifically, swallowing a few tablets with water a few times each day?

This may be the RAREST formula of its kind.

Gaining 8 pounds of lean mass - muscle mass- in 16 weeks is certainly possible with MASS Amino Acid Tablets. In fact, "No Nonsense" bodybuilders like you have gained as much or more in a mere 6 weeks simply by adding this product to their supplement stack. Countless BI customers, including drug-free competitive bodybuilders and personal trainers, regard MASS Aminos as a "must have" staple in any serious supplement program.

A National Physique Committee (NPC) vice-chairman recently used MASS Aminos while reducing his body fat down to a sliced 2.8% in preparation for a competition in which he won his class. He says that this BI product provides the "best bang for the buck" of anything on the market, period. It helped him fight off the "catabolic storm" that might have otherwise wasted away his hard-earned muscle mass as he recovered from a broken neck in the hospital.

A typical gym membership could easily set you back $400. Yet even the most devoted individual should consider himself lucky to gain 3 or 4 pounds of lean muscle mass in a year. That's an economically damaging $100-$133 per pound of muscle.

Compare those prices with one devoted BI customer who used a single bottle of MASS Aminos to gain 5 pounds mass. (His strength also went up by 5-10 pounds on every lift.) That's only $9.99 per pound of mass - mass that he can continue to build on for year after year. Though this customer's success story may be "exceptional" for regular non-bodybuilding individuals, there are numerous others like him who have made equally or even more outstanding gains in muscle mass, reductions in body fat and increases in performance.

Supplement Details
Quantity 500 Tablets

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