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Beverly International Glutamine Select - 19.7 oz

Beverly International Glutamine Select - 19.7 oz
Beverly International Glutamine Select - 19.7 oz
Brand: Beverly International
Weight: 19.7 oz
Product Code: BEVGLUTSEL
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Retail Price: $52.50
Our Price: $35.04

Clinically Dosed Glutamine + BCAAs for Muscle Recovery & Anabolism

GLUTAMINE SELECT from Beverly International Nutrition supports the fastest possible improvements in the appearance and performance of your physique by tackling a little known but pervasive condition known as "anabolic fatigue".

What: GLUTAMINE SELECT is a powdered drink mix consisting of the amino acids glutamine, leucine, isoleucine and valine. The latter three comprise the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA).

The development of GLUTAMINE SELECT rests on solid scientific grounds. By partnering glutamine with BCAA in quantities clinically-proven to be effective in bodybuilding athletes, its tremendous anabolic energy can finally be uncapped, enabling users to achieve levels of muscle protein, glycogen, mass, strength and hardness not possible by relying on the diet alone.

Each ingredient in GLUTAMINE SELECT has been tested and reviewed for safety and purity. Beverly's R&D scientists left no stone unturned in making GLUTAMINE SELECT the very best tasting formula of its kind by using a proprietary cherry flavoring system.

Who: GLUTAMINE SELECT is intended for use as a dietary supplement by men and women engaging in resistance and/or cardio exercise who wish to improve the appearance and performance of their body.

Why: GLUTAMINE SELECT from Beverly International Nutrition supports the fastest possible improvements in the appearance and performance of your physique by tackling a little known but pervasive condition known as "anabolic fatigue".

How: Use before, during, and/or after training or cardio. You can also take Glutamine Select between meals to sustain blood sugar levels while dieting. It is best mixed in a water bottle or shaker cup and sipped.

The Condition: "Anabolic Fatigue"
Protein synthesis is the essential element of building muscle. The synthesis of glycogen, though less important, is hardly non-essential, particularly for athletes. For instance, scientists have determined that when your muscle cells are depleted of glycogen, protein synthesis slows down and muscle atrophy (shrinkage) becomes much more likely. Just think of how flat and out of shape your muscles look (and how sluggish they feel) when they are low in glycogen, such as occurs when you eat too little carbohydrate. The amount of glycogen inside your muscles can even affect your vascularity.

Anabolism is very energy-intensive, like climbing up a steep hill. Approximately 1 out of every 5 calories burned by your body is used to drive protein synthesis, for instance, yet bodybuilding athletes demand this and other anabolic processes from their muscles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This may result in a condition known as "anabolic fatigue" that lasts days, weeks, months or years. Anabolic fatigue can impair your ability to recover from your workouts and experience the gains in lean muscle mass and strength that you expect.

As an energy precursor, Beverly's scientists suspected that glutamine might help alleviate if not prevent anabolic fatigue in muscle cells, thereby enabling protein synthesis, glycogen synthesis and other anabolic process to proceed at speeds not otherwise possible. However, glutamine can't alleviate anabolic fatigue all by itself, the scientists observed. Its role as an energy precursor is affected by the availability of other amino acids, some more than others. Thus, they predicted that supplementing the diet with glutamine by itself wouldn't be the best plan of attack for a bodybuilding athlete to undertake. Doing so would only serve to cap what they referred to as its "anabolic energy". It was at this point that they began searching for other amino acids to partner with glutamine in an effort to uncap this potential.

The Solution: "Anabolic Energy"
Based on decades of research, Beverly's scientists predicted that a perfect partnership could be had by combining glutamine with branched-chain amino acids (BCAA: leucine, isoleucine and valine). Repeated tests on Beverly's own bodybuilding athletes confirmed this. Increases in muscle size, hardness and vascularity were continually reported. Test subjects felt that their overall energy levels remained more stable over the day. Recovery was enhanced. Even hunger and well-being seemed to be affected, making it easier to avoid overeating, lose body fat and remain lean and shapely.

The clinically-proven combination of glutamine and BCAA that Beverly's scientists released to the public in 2003 is known as GLUTAMINE SELECT. It continues to be a hit sensation to this day and is regarded by elite athletes as the "red bull" of bodybuilding amino acid formulas.

GLUTAMINE SELECT is worlds apart from any other glutamine formula:

  1. Clinically-proven quantities: Large quantities of glutamine and BCAA are required to produce the effects sought by bodybuilding athletes, such as increases in muscle mass, hardness and overall performance, and faster recovery from training. Whereas some glutamine supplements contain only glutamine, each serving of GLUTAMINE SELECT supplies 5 g of glutamine plus 3 g BCAA. These are the exact same quantities of glutamine and BCAA shown to improve the effectiveness of whey in resistance trained athletes (Colker, 2000). Whey is frequently regarded as the most anabolic protein in the world. Subjects in the Colker study who received the whey fortified with glutamine and BCAA gained approximately two pounds more of muscle and doubled their strength as compared to those receiving regular whey only. These findings strongly suggest that glutamine and BCAA increased the anabolic energy of whey.
  2. Pharmacologically-active form: The glutamine and BCAA in GLUTAMINE SELECT are free, i.e., not bound to proteins. In this form they can produce pharmacological actions not possible through the consumption of food. Though glutamine is abundant in many protein supplements, typically it is protein-bound glutamine, which cannot raise plasma glutamine levels as quickly as can free glutamine. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine (van Hall et al. 2000) found that a drink containing free glutamine doubled plasma glutamine levels in trained subjects, whereas plasma glutamine levels were not affected by the consumption of either a wheat protein hydrolysate (providing 26% glutamine) or a whey protein hydrolysate (providing 6.6% glutamine). Wheat protein hydrolysate is sometimes added to protein powders and other supplements to increase their glutamine content.
  3. Refreshingly delicious taste: Beverly's R&D scientists used a proprietary cherry flavor system to make GLUTAMINE SELECT taste as delicious as it is anabolically energizing.
  4. Tested and reviewed for safety and purity: Like the rest of Beverly's formulas, all of the ingredients in GLUTAMINE SELECT have been tested and reviewed for safety and purity. The glutamine and BCAA, in particular, meet United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards.
  5. Less than $1 per serving: GLUTAMINE SELECT costs less than $1 per serving. Compare this to the potential gains in muscle protein, glycogen, mass, strength and hardness. They are priceless.
  6. Anabolic energy that never "crashes": GLUTAMINE SELECT gives users real and lasting increases in anabolic energy levels that, unlike stimulant-containing products, do not come crashing down.

Uncap Glutamine's Anabolic Energy. Unleash your Bodybuilding Potential.

Glutamine is an incredibly versatile amino acid. However, its role as an energy precursor, and, thereby, a source of anabolic energy, is typically overlooked. Yet it is this fascinating role which renders it especially qualified to alleviate anabolic fatigue, a condition that may explain the disappointing results experienced by bodybuilding athletes of all kinds and calibers.

However, glutamine cannot alleviate anabolic fatigue all by itself. The availability of BCAA, in particular, limits glutamine's powers as an energy precursor and driver of anabolism. Research dating back to at least the 1970s conclusively demonstrates that glutamine and BCAA are closely connected. Some of the benefits of BCAA supplementation can be explained by their effects on glutamine and energy metabolism; conversely, some of the benefits of glutamine supplementation can be explained by its effects on BCAA and energy metabolism.

GLUTAMINE SELECT contains ingredients that published scientific studies suggest can:

  • Protect muscle glutamine levels
  • Reduce BCAA & protein catabolism
  • Support glycemia (blood glucose levels)
  • Support arginine & nitric oxide (NO) levels
  • Reduce ammonia accumulation during exercise
  • Reduce exercise-induced muscle damage
  • Reduce central (CNS) and peripheral (e.g. muscle) fatigue
  • Support arginine and nitric oxide levels
  • Stimulate protein synthesis
  • Replenish Krebs (tricarboxylic acid) cycle intermediates
  • Support ATP levels
  • Increase muscle cell volume
  • Increase muscle glycogen storage
  • Support immune system regulation
  • Support recovery from exercise
  • Reduce impact of overtraining
  • Protect against muscle atrophy
  • Increase muscle mass & strength
  • Increase energy expenditure (calorie-burning)
  • Support electrolyte levels
  • Support immune system function
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Weight 19.7 oz

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